Saturday, July 20, 2013

Senator John McCain: Immigration Reform Opportunist/Hypocrite Extraordinaire

In response:

McCain and his cronies at ALEC and the Corrections Corporation of America love it when the McCain supported "Operation Streamline" jails the undocumented by the tens of thousands.  Why?  You do the taxpayer's math of some 30,000 undocumented inmates at some $100 to $125 a head per night.

Operation Streamline:

Taxpayers' costs to jail the undocumented per head per night:

Here is some background on the sordid industry of the privatizaton of the prison industry.

Then his cronies Raytheon and General Dynamics love it when he "reforms immigration" to the tune of billions in contracts for them while simultaneously semi-legalizing 11.2 million for labor AND setting the stage for the next wave of jail inmates and legalization/border security pawns.

PS  Don't forget how Clinton's NAFTA created the single largest influx of undocumented ever and why Washington continues this NAFTA rape of the undocumented and US taxpayers.

Get the picture folks?  These liars will never stop illegal immigration because of the profit involved in "immigration reform" and because too many American jobs depend upon the undocumented continuing to sneak in.

All created by Washington shysters at your tax dollar expense.


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