Monday, July 1, 2013

Designed to Fail Immigration Reform - This Is How It Works

Dear Nancy,

Isn't this how it works?

Two neighboring countries governments' elite conspire together to export one's undocumented laborers in exchange for billions in remittances by those undocumented laborers?

American taxpayers are then simultaneously charged billions for the medical/educational costs for Mexico's exported undocumented, Amnesties, and a corporate-government border security black hole that doesn't do its job?

Then it becomes politically mandatory to vote for the self-serving, profiteering "reform" of their own designed-to-fail-for-profit illegal immigration system?

In America you try and make it look like "We The People" have a substantive choice between your party and theirs when the truth is you all belong the same oligarchy parading as a duopoly. 

 Isn't NAFTA a prime example how our government stole the taxpayers' cake and is eating it too?

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