Monday, July 8, 2013

Immigration Reform - Raging Bulls Can't See Beyond The Waving Red Flags

In response:
American taxpayers have every right in the world to be very angry about immigration reform as it applies to illegal immigration. 

We have "been there" as Amnesty, NAFTA, and DHS all promised to end illegal immigration.  Yep, we have "done that" and got bamboozled as their promises turned the number of undocumented from the 3 million of Reagan's 1986 Amnesty into the 11.2 million that it is today.   

I write from my 26 years of experience as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent (retired) and now 8 years as an anti-drug war/pro migrants' rights activist. 

Here is the deal folks:  many of you are like raging bulls charging (immigration) red flags waved in front of your noses.  The red flags metaphorically being waved are the undocumented.   

For decades now you have been taunted and stuck in the back with colorful, ribboned "reform" knives.  Now all you can see are the red flags being waved in front of your faces.   You don't see the possibility that the elite use those red flags to stick you in your backs in order to keep "We the Bulls" confused and under control.  

Isn't it interesting how the US elite have outlawed those red flags yet every few decades or so throw their hands up in the air and ask "We the Bulls" to reform those red flags into amnesty green?  Is that not their way of starting the whole process over again?   

As long as they are waving and "We the Bulls" are charging we can't think straight or focus upon how we are being used.

Those "red flags" are being exported/imported for sale by the bi-national US/Mexican elite.  Meanwhile all of the costs and consequences of their immoral export/import business are passed on to us.

Our government matadors (politicians) wave the red flags as servants of their bi-national masters.  They charge "We the Bulls" billions for the honor of participating in their red flag waving production and show.   

The funniest part is that "We the Bulls" are simultaneously paying for admission to the same show/bullfight in which we are (unbeknownst to many of us) being put down by our own matadors.      
"We the Bulls" need to get to the bottom of this red flag waving madness before we let these matadors "reform" another immigration show again.

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