Thursday, July 18, 2013

Immigration Reform - Let The Games Begin As Fraud Will Be Rampant

In response:

Take it from someone who worked as an INS Special Agent during Reagan's Amnesty - which ever route our so called leaders decide upon in giving benefits to the undocumented - the application fraud will be rampant.

My educated guess is that the crooks are already working on creating false rental receipts, school records, work records, utility bills, and affidavits in order to sell to those undocumented who really will not qualify.

The Reagan Administration knew of the massive Amnesty fraud yet did not give us the resources necessary to prosecute those who committed it.

Tens of thousands of fraudulent applications were rubber stamped through with Washington's full knowledge. Yet it was more important to Washington for Amnesty to appear successful than to tell the truth of the many applicants who successfully obtained "green cards" through fraud.


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