Friday, July 19, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Simultaneous Rape of Good Undocumented People and Good Hardworking US Taxpayers

In response:

McCain's, ALEC's, and the CCA's "Operation Streamline" jails and has jailed the undocumented by the tens of thousands and yet he wants billions more for Arizona border security industries with his "immigration reform"?

We are witnessing Washington's simultaneous rape and attempted rape of the undocumented and US taxpayers.  They profit by creating trade agreements that push people here.  They profit by jailing those people and the corporatization of an entire industry touted as the "fix" to illegal immigration.  Then they insidiously profit by "immigration reform" which puts some 11.2 million people in labor peonage while starting this whole illegal immigration/border build up/reform cycle over again. 

Meanwhile - do these senators have to stand in long, over-crowded emergency room lines or send their kids to schools where a majority of the kids do not speak English?  Do these senators see their hometown demographics and property values change for the worse because of an unfair influx of undocumented people?

This is about cheap labor and profit, and the rape of common citizens from host countries  and the US.  Read what Clinton's NAFTA did to Mexico and the US:

No one who supports human rights and equality should approve of this bill.

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