Friday, May 31, 2013

Immigration Reform: Sticks It To All US Taxpayers, Voters and The Undocumented Too

In response:

How much truth is there in this article title comment "Just Stick It To The White Voters"? 
How about "Just stick it to the Black Voters" ?  How about  "Just stick it to the Latino voters"?
Here is the only headline I believe:  "Immigration Reform Sticks It To All Taxpayers, Voters and The Undocumented Too".   

It is sad and unfortunately true that all sides have to play the voter race card to get people to act.

The truth is the Gang of 8's plan (like its predecessors  Amnesty, NAFTA, and the creation of DHS)  is entirely self serving to the 1% while propagandized as necessary for the welfare of the common citizens.  Yet as usual, the majority of the 99% either does not take the time to figure this out, or can't figure this out.  Oh they know something is very wrong as they stand in long lines at hospital emergency rooms or see the unfair demographics changes in their towns.  The undocumented have become the red flags that the 1% profiteers wave around like Matadors.   Sadly many angry American bulls see only the flags and not their own government hands behind those flags.     

Earth to America:  Mexican poverty is the cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US (over 50% of our present US undocumented).  The 1% on both sides of the border profit off of Mexican illegal immigration and the entire border security hoax that gobbles up our tax dollars with insatiable greed.  Not unlike the lies of the Iraq War, our own government pushes immigration policies that rape tax payers while fattening their cronies' pockets.  

Think forty years of our US drug war: one trillion tax dollars fattening someone's pockets, the highest prison population/weapons sales in the world, and business is still booming gracias a your tax dollars.

These corporate profiteers who claim to be our representatives are not on our side.  The immigration "reform" game is rigged against us all: US and Mexican citizens, non-citizens, documented, non-documented, and all other undocumented from around the world who are pushed here by the 1%'s global greed.    




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