Friday, May 24, 2013

Water Seeks Its Own Level and So Will Hungry People

In response:

Like-minded Republic captains will go down with their immigration ship as they furiously blame those darn eleven million "illegals" for causing the USS USA to sink.

Water seeks its own level as will hungry people. Some republicans blame the gushing water rather than fixing the holes in their ship. Put another way some Republicans and their cronies should be blaming Mexican poverty as the cause of over 50% of our undocumented population, not the undocumented themselves.

You can't damn off the border from a flood of hungry people any more than you can damn off the border from a 2,000 mile long title wave.

By the way, we the people need to blame both governments and their insidious NAFTA for causing the Mexican poverty that causes illegal Mexican immigration to the US.

The bi-national elite also have it twisted around in order to avoid any hint of responsibility for the undocumented nightmare that they profit from creating and maintaining in the US.
Those elite are not the ones who have to be chased around at night like animals in order to run al Norte to feed their families. Nor are they the ones who suffer losses of job and horrendously long lines at US hospital emergency rooms.


The Mexican elite sit back and collect billions in remittances and drug profits while the US elite collect billions from cheap labor, privatized prisons, their US border security industries, their drug war industry, their bank laundered drug profits, their guns flowing south, and from their immigration "reform" lobbyists who pay them dearly to retain their lucrative (and our failed) immigration status quo.

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