Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Shut This Madness Down Until Our Two Governments Come To Their Senses

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Thank you to John Ackerman and FP for shedding a powerful light on what is happening with EPN and Mexico today.

Many Americans ( perhaps the majority) are unfortunately very uninformed about  the economic/foreign policy "goings on" between the of US and Mexican elite.  For instance most Americans do not know that the largest influx of undocumented to the US occurred after the passage of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA.  My fellow Americans, do you not remember that both programs promised to end illegal immigration to the US?

Those same Americans are most likely unaware that NAFTA pushed US corn on to Mexican markets and put many small Mexican corn growers out of business.  They also may not know that Wal-Mart is Mexico's number one retail store which also put small Mexican business owners out of business too.

Shouldn't  Americans be a little suspicious that (as far as the Mexican undocumented are concerned)  the two most profound  immigration and economic reform laws passed within the last three decades actually brought  more undocumented to the US than ever before?

Now we hear the Gang of 8's drums beating about more immigration reform.  We hear that same old "border security" propaganda being pushed as a compromise we (the taxpayers)  have to pay for the 11 or so million undocumented who might  be legalized.  Whose fault is it that these people got through, and was it by design?

Americans are just as much being used as pawns in this game as are the (Mexican) undocumented are.  The undocumented are being used for cheap labor, remittances, and as a justification to build up the US border security industrial complex;   Americans are being used not only for their tax dollars but because of  their ignorance as to the bi-national elite's insidious motives for "immigration reform".

Don't  forget the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade that the rich enjoy today.

And if you look really closely look you will see how the bi-national elite simultaneously profit not only from illegal drugs and illegal immigration, but from the ineffective illegal drug and illegal immigration wars that they say are will put an end to it all (this time).    

I have never heard Obama mention once the 100,000 people killed, 25,000 missing, or 240,000 displaced as a result of Felipe Calderon's (and now EPN's) senseless US backed drug war in Mexico.
If Obama did question Calderon's war he (Obama) might have to explain how Felipe Calderon just  received a year's long fellowship at Harvard University as their  First Angelopoulos Global Leader.  Obama might also have to explain how Calderon is pulling down $100,000 a lecture expounding the same economic propaganda that John Ackerman referred to in the above article. 
Or if Obama called out Calderon Obama might have to justify how he himself (Obama) received the Nobel Peace Prize while keeping silent for so long  about Calderon's drug war atrocities.

I would like to see the good people from both sides of the border do a peaceful border-wide demonstration.  Let's shut this madness down until our two governments come to their senses

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