Thursday, May 30, 2013

Immigration Reform - Let The Self-Serving Sellout Begin

Shine the light on the darkness of illegal immigration and the 1% greedy cockroaches scramble to thrive and survive. 

This lust to cash in on "immigration reform" causes many people to sell out the very people they are supposed to defend and care about.

Washington representatives sell out their own constituents by propagating their "tried and failed" immigration reform strategies.  Do they actually believe that soaking US taxpayers for billions more for tougher border security will stop hungry people from sneaking into the US?  Do they actually believe that giving 11 million more undocumented people legal status in the US will curtail further illegal immigration?  Do they bother to listen to the taxpayers who have suffered the unwelcomed demographic changes that prior immigration and economic reform (Reagan's Amnesty,  Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS) have failed to effectively curtail? 

US taxpayers are also sold out by the US elite and the undocumenteds' home country elite too.  Why should the US poor and middle classes have to pay for and suffer the consequences of other countries' poor being "exported" here?  This sellout is evidenced by the long lines and waits at hospital emergency rooms coupled with jobs either being lost or undercut by undocumented laborers.

US taxpayers sell out themselves too.  They majority tend to vote and believe Washington's propaganda about immigration reform.  They tend to believe Washington's rhetoric that our southern border can and will be sealed off in such a way as to effectively control illegal immigration.  They believe this despite 25 years of evidence to the contrary.  Their frustration turns to blaming the undocumented for this problem.  They can't see that their lack of understanding of the problem (the elite's rape of laborers and taxpayers for profit) actually perpetuates their own abuse.       

The undocumented are sold out by their own home country elite as the "haves" hoard the wealth by creating home-country poverty.  Those undocumented than are sold out by the US elite by being used and abused  for profit off of the undocumenteds' labor and prospective voting capital. 

The undocumented then sellout their fellow citizens at home by accepting an "RPI" status in the US which is one step above indentured servitude.    Maybe if all the "triggers" are met you can become a permanent resident immigrant after 13 years of labor.

They sell out their home country fellow citizens by accepting this RPI bribe and accepting the systemic cycle of poverty and abuse that the elite use to expand their disparity in wealth.
All of the above continue our illegal immigration reform nightmare by jumping on this self-serving sellout.  

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