Monday, May 13, 2013

US Taxpayers Thrown Under the Immigration Reform Bus: The Undocumened Are Taken For A Ride Too

In response:
For decades now Washington's cronies have insidiously profited by throwing American taxpayers under the immigration bus.

Of course the undocumented people on that bus have been taken for a ride too.
Washington now puts the pedal to the metal on their 2013 immigration reform bus model.    
What a scam!  Billions upon billions of dollars poured into a border security industry that simultaneously thrives off of the poverty-driven labor of the undocumented while thriving off of the hard-earned tax dollars of Americans too!   

Is it conceivable that Washington's foreign and economic policies with the undocumented's home country governments are simultaneously designed to not only cause this problem but perpetuate it too?
Short term memory folks:  Clinton's NAFTA caused the largest influx of undocumented into the US ever.  The jump went from the +/- 3 million it was in the mid 1990's to the +/- 11 million it is today. 
By the way, remember all those promises of how border factories (maquiladoras) would end Mexican illegal immigration?  
My apologies to all good people who trust or who have trusted our government.   I am sad to say that we can no longer afford that luxury.  As with their failed war in Iraq, their failed "attempts" at health care, their failure to stop the Great Recession of 2008, and their failed 40 year-long drug war, Washington neither deserves our trust nor the benefit of our doubts.

Immigration "reform" creates profits off of illegal immigration while also creating profit for the industry that (theoretically) is designed to prevent it.

If this nightmare wasn't so wrong I would have to admit how brilliant it is!  Is this not eerily similar to our forty-year long trillion-dollar war on drugs?  Isn't it interesting how both the war on drugs and illegal immigration have astronomical profits and Mexico as common denominators?    

Here is the deal folks:  look at Mexico because it is our closest southern neighbor who "provides" over 50% of all undocumented people we have in the US.

Illegal Mexican immigration is designed and co-created by the bi-national elite.  Billons in remittances are yearly pumped back into Mexico's economy by the very people who their elite "pushes" or "exports" al Norte.  Then the US elite "imports" or "pulls" them here for profit as a never ending supply of cheap laborers. "Illegal aliens" or human beings who harvest America's food and construct American homes?

Then that American elite further profits by filling their privatized immigration prisons, breaking all their previous records of deportations, and then holding their US Senate hearings in order to "reform" their 1% madness.  Then they tout how they will "modernize" immigration laws by creating a sub-class of RPI "immigrants" who will be rung for every drop of labor and blood before being granted resident alien status and possible citizenship?    

Washington must address this insidious scam and face not only the Mexican elite but the US elite too.  Demand that Mexico provide equivalent US wages and services to their own citizens in Mexico.  
That bi-national elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross-border trade and can well afford what the good citizens of Mexico and the US no longer can, or will.  

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