Friday, May 10, 2013

Grahm's Failed "Hell Hole" Immigration Reform: Is It By Design?

In response:

Here is the cause of that Senator Graham's "hell hole" Mexican illegal immigration:  the corrupt Mexican government disposes of their undocumented here while the corrupt US government lets them get away with it.

Or put another way, the bi-national US/Mexican elite profit off of undocumented immigration while simultaneously profiting off of the border enforcement industrial complex that will never effectively stop those undocumented.

For decades US taxpayers have suffered the costs and the consequences of this bi-national elite's "illegal" immigration setup.  God only knows how many undocumented immigrants' lives have been lost, or how many US citizens' lives have been lost to Mexican criminals who are a part of those getting through too.     

By the way, substitute "illegal" drugs for the undocumented and we have the other bi-national scam that our bi-national elite profit from while sending all the costs and consequences to US taxpayers.

Do you know that Harvard University recently awarded ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award with a year's long fellowship at Harvard?  Harvard ignores Calderon's legacy of corruption and blood (100,000 people sacrificed during Calderon's senseless US backed war).  Harvard then greases the way for Calderon to lecture at crony US universities for $100,000  a pop (or more). 

Is this a coincidence that our Senators' attempts at "reform" never quite solve illegal immigration (or illegal drug) problems?  Or is it by design?    

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