Sunday, May 26, 2013

Obama - Get in Pena Nieto's Face!

In response:

Why isn't Obama doing something constructive like getting in Mexican President Pena Nieto's face demanding that Pena Nieto provide living wages and services to his own Mexican citizens in Mexico so that we don't have this "immigration reform" problem here?

Face it folks. Profit from Mexican trade, oil, and labor are more important to Washington than the welfare of its own US taxpayers.

So neither government gives one hoot about its own citizens. These two governments create insidious laws like NAFTA that create profit for the bi-national elite at the expense and welfare of the common bi-national citizens on both sides of the border.

NAFTA shipped out many US jobs and brought US corn and Wal-Mart to Mexico. Small Mexican corn farmers and business owners were put out of business thank you Bill Clinton.

Adding insult to injury, NAFTA promised an end to illegal immigration with border maquiladoras (factories) that were supposed to employ all of those millions of Mexican citizens who would normally sneak over here. Wrong. Many of those jobs went to China, and we in turn received the largest influx of undocumented to the US ever.

These Washington corporatists/immigration profiteers do not give us any reasons to trust them. Immigration reform again is about profit from foreign labor (legal or not). It is also about Washington continually selling the American public on their "secure the border" myth in order to justify the billions poured into programs that are designed (to profit) by failure.

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