Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Business With Mexico - More Important Than US Taxpayers?

In response:

They woo Hispanic leaders while disregarding their own constituents. 

Many Americans are outraged because they see Washington's corporate business with Mexico being more important to Washington than the prosperity of US taxpayers.

After Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 911 creation of DHS,  we have seen billions of our tax dollars pumped into a "border security" economy while "we the people" still have to deal with 11 million undocumented people and another "immigration reform" in the US.

We see our lives and money thrown under the immigration reform bus while Washington does the Mexican Hat Dance for the Latino vote and Mexican trade.  We see that the US and Mexican elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, yet the corrupt Mexican government refuses to provide for its own citizens in Mexico. 

Please tell me why our politicians never criticize the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in pushing its own people into the US? 

Like it our not, the qualities of life for some US citizens have been adversely affected by the number of undocumented people in the US. That is not our US citizens' faults, nor is it fair to them to have this unwelcomed change in demographics completely shoved into their faces and down their throats.

And of course it is not right that either white or brown racists blame the other people of either country for these travesties of justice that effect us all.

Both groups of people are being raped and have been raped for decades. The Mexican undocumented are raped by their own government and the US government too.  In return, US citizens are raped by Washington and the Mexican elite as both elite create and allow failed immigration policies to continue on for decades.
It is our duty to educate ourselves as to who is really at fault and how to fix the problem. Those who profit from this mess really don't care about anyone but themselves as evidenced by decades of their insidious immigration reform hoaxes and the continuing growth of poverty not only in Mexico but the US too.

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