Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Americans Are Angry At Mexico And Ignorant About Its Strong Economic Ties To The US Elite

In response:

Most Americans are simultaneously angry at Mexico because of illegal immigration and ignorant of the strong economic ties that that bind the US and Mexican economic elite.

All ensuing problems brought to America by this corruption are (of course) paid for by those same taxpaying Americans.

Americans think Washington can or will handle the border crises through enforcement. Yet enforcement of illegal immigration, as with that 40 year long failed war on drugs, has become a booming industry for the border enforcement complex too (not to mention the dark money that fills God only knows whose pockets).

Anyone who has studied these issues would have to be out of his or her mind to think that Washington will ever kill the Mexican goose that produces those labor/drug/immigration reform/border security boodle filled golden eggs.

For any real change to take place the massive corruption and insidious political influence of the bi-national elite would have to be resolved - not only in both countries - but the entire world. This is not just a Mexico versus the U.S. problem.

I suggest watching "Thrive" the movie. It is long yet it will address what we are all facing.

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