Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Continued Deportations Are Key To Maintaining Our Insidious Immigration System

In response:

Suspend deportations?  Are you people nuts?  Obama and Washington can't keep the lucrative Mexican/American "Merry Go Ground" going without deportations! 

My God How could DHS justify the largest police agency in the United States without continued deportations?  How could the US Border Patrol justify its existence if they suddenly stopped re-arresting the same people they keep deporting?  How could Washington's crony US Border Security industries keep pumping taxpayers for more billions more in border enforcement dollars without continued deportations?  How would their crony privatized immigration prisons keep their beds filled and taxpayers' dollars flowing without deportations?

How could the US elite keep a fresh supply of laborers under their thumbs if Washington did not maintain this deportation status quo?  How could Washington continue to give US taxpayers false hope of ending illegal immigration if deportations were suspended?

How could US politicians and racists scapegoat the undocumented if none of the undocumented feared deportations?  How could those same politicians plan their next amnesty without decades of continual deportations?  How could immigrant rights groups continue the fight for family unification if the undocumented were not deported? 

What would the Mexican smuggling crooks do if they suddenly lost all of their returning customers?  How could the Mexican Government continue to blame the US for being the "bad guy" if deportations from the US were halted?

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