Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Many Americans Are Torn

In response:

Many Americans are torn. 

On one hand they see their hometown demographics unfairly change as a result of Washington's failure to enforce US immigration laws.  Long emergency room lines and losses of jobs due to illegal immigration do not help either.  Then we have the never ending "border security" suck on our tax dollars that never seems to get the job done. 

This is very similar to our 40 year long drug war.

On the other hand many Americans know that many people from other countries (especially Mexico) are starving.  These Americans have compassion for people who simply want a better way of life.

Noting will anger Americans more than undocumented people displaying an "in your face" attitudes they those undocumented have he right to be here.  The truth is that when the undocumented do not display a humbleness toward Americans who are also effected by those undocumenteds' presence that a sense of frustration and anger does build up in those Americans.

I ask both groups to consider educating themselves to the real cause of their dilemma:  US foreign and economic policies with home country governments that create poverty in order to ensure their  continuous process of profiting off of illegal migration .


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