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Mexican Poverty and Illegal Immigration: A Bi-National System Capitalizing Upon The Abuse of Common People

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Mexican Poverty and Illegal Immigration:  A Bi-National System Capitalizing Upon The Abuse of Common People  

I spend a good four hours a day reading and writing about immigration - specifically as it applies to illegal immigration and Mexico.

I used to be a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent and I bring that experience to my present day activism. 

People ask me "Are you for illegal immigration?" 

I am not - especially when I see that the US/Mexico system of illegal immigration is entirely designed to put profit above human dignity and life.  It insidiously not only uses the undocumented for cheap labor, remittances and political influence but also uses US taxpayers to pay for the costs and consequences of said system of illegal immigration.

We all need to step back from the propaganda on both sides of illegal immigration reform debate and see Mexican poverty and illegal immigration for what it is:  a bi-national system capitalizing upon the abuse of common people and designed for the enrichment of the bi-national elite.

Everyone knows that there is something very sinister and wrong with this illegal immigration system yet few take the time to really investigate its root cause.

The undocumented blame the US government for meddling in their home-country economies and promoting immoral deportations that separate families.

Many Americans blame the undocumented for breaking US immigration laws and stealing American jobs.  They also blame the undocumented for causing undue financial burdens upon the US health care, social welfare and educational systems.

Few see the economic and financial ties of the US and Mexican elite as causing Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration (62% of US undocumented) into the US.

Few see Washington's profitable role in causing the very illegal immigration that it pretends to fix.

Few see that the US border security industrial complex as another arm of the corporatized US Military Industrial Complex designed to thrive upon the very illegal wars or illegal immigration that Washington co-produces. 

Few see the insidious connection of the US and Mexican elite as their intuitions of illegal immigration and illegal drugs enrich each other lives yet destroy that of their own citizens'.

Few Americans know about the US backed Mexican Drug War that has since 2006 claimed the lives of some 120,000 people (the majority of whom are innocent collateral damage victims). 

Check out this Democracy Now! interview with Mexican Author and Investigative Reporter Anabel Hernandez. 

Do you have the courage to entertain the possibility that what Ms Hernandez says might be the truth?

Few see the US backed Mexican Drug War as the actual government sponsored take over of one of its rival Mexican criminal organizations.  Few realize that in 2012 ex-Mexican Drug War President/Tyrant Felipe Calderon  was awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award.  Also that Calderon is now enjoying a year's long lucrative fellowship at Harvard. 

Few Americans realize the economic NAFTA stranglehold that the two countries now have on each other.  Mexico is our second largest source of foreign oil.  Our two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Yet Mexico has a poverty rate of 50% which continues to push their poor here to take some American jobs? 

We (the decent, hardworking good people on both sides of the border) are being raped by both governments.  Most Americans will not willing accept the fact that they are just as much pawns of this despicable scam as the undocumented are.

The current immigration reform legislation in Washington will not solve this problem because it does not address Mexican poverty that is caused by the two governments which are run by the bi-national, corrupt elite.

We all need to stand up against the truth of Mexican illegal immigration.  We need to refuse the deceitful reform bait that they now dangle in front of our noses.  It is a bribe to shut us and keep us quiet about the profiteering system that will only be sustained by accepting their reform.      


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