Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why The Mexican Undocumented and US Taxpayers Should Reject Immigration Reform Bribery

In response:

Yes. That is exactly what I believe.  We are all being bribed. 

You/we are being offered a bribe which basically states that the US government we will give you the undocumented conditional legal status and possible citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  This bribe also touts to the US citizenry the end of illegal immigration but in reality will only guarantee the continuance of both governments' system of "illegal immigration for profit" which passes all US costs and consequences on to that same US citizenry.   

You the Mexican undocumented and we the US taxpayers are pawns of a corrupt bi-national system that puts profit and greed above human dignity and human life.

The elite of our own countries control our corrupt governments.  If they did not you the undocumented would have the opportunities to prosper at home working with your families and living in the country that you love.  We the US taxpaying citizenry would not have to watch as our own systems of health care, education, and home town demographics are unfairly overburdened. 

This illegal immigration for profit not only destroys your lives but our lives too.  On one hand the US government makes laws that say it is illegal for you to cross our border and live and work in the United States.   

On the other hand many nevertheless hire you because of the hard, inexpensive labor that you provide.  Again, all the US costs and consequences of this scam are passed on to US taxpayers.    

Yes this is bribery to US taxpayers too!  Washington's current reform politicians again are promising the end to illegal immigration!  Yes they say that this time that the billions of our tax dollars spent to stop, jail and deport you the undocumented will finally put an end illegal immigration. 

Yet Washington then turns around and offers you the undocumented legal status and possible US citizenship for only thirteen more years of labor and billions more of our tax dollars for border security?  Pardon my French, WTF? 

If you accept this bribe - do you not sell out the next generation of Mexican undocumented who undoubtedly will be forced from Mexico to illegally find their way into the US?  Do you not continue the rape of your own people by accepting a bribe which does absolutely nothing to stop the insidious bi-national system of "profit poverty" that will draw them here as it did you?

Do we the US taxpayers not sell out our own children's and grand children's futures by accepting this reform bribe and again kicking the illegal immigration can down the road for them to handle?  Will we not continue to lose jobs to future Mexican undocumented?  Will not the acceptance of  Washington's reform bribe further institutionalize the profitization of Mexican poverty and illegal immigration to the US? 

What about the people who continue to live in abject poverty in Mexico?  What about the ones who will starve or die because of that poverty and NAFTA?  What about the ones who in the future will die trying to cross the border if this reform is passed?  What about the innocent ones who will continue to die because of the US backed drug war in Mexico?

Yes you/we are being bribed and this bribery is just as corrupt and immoral as the bribery that runs both the US and Mexican governments.  If you/we accept this bribe you/we are just as corrupt as the bi-national politicians who profit from this ungodly deal. 

Yes this reform may take care of you the undocumenteds' present needs but do you not know in your hearts that more lives will be lost because the same system of "profit poverty" that brought you here will remain intact?  This reform will coax more people here and let the two governments continue the abuse of their own citizens.

I am a dreamer too.  I dream that the good people of the US and Mexico will unite and stop these two insane governments from raping not only their own citizens but each others citizens too.

They get richer while we suffer.  Look at their NAFTA trade which allows them to share 1.25 billion US dollars a day in cross border trade!  Yet 50% of Mexico lives and poverty and 62% of the undocumented living in the US are from Mexico?

I envision a bi-national peaceful border-wide protest.  Let's bring worldwide attention to these two corrupt governments who hypocritically pretend to be democracies "of and by the people".  Let's expose their disgraceful militarized border that lies between these two supposedly friendly, neighboring trading partners.

Let's peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Let's expose that horrendous US backed Mexican drug war that has slaughtered some 120,000 people since 2006.  Let's expose these corrupt conspirators who allow ex- Mexican Drug War Tyrant President Felipe Calderon to be glorified at America's prestigious Harvard University. 

Let's bring these to insane governments to their knees and to their senses.              


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