Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bio - John Randolph AKA "twopesos"

My name is John Randolph.  I am a twenty-six year retired veteran of the US Border Patrol, INS Criminal Investigations, and ICE.   I have now been an anti-drug war/pro immigration awareness activist for eight years.  

I spent my first ten years working in San Diego as a US Border Patrol Agent.  I experienced firsthand how Washington politics helped create the ineffectiveness of my agency.  I then worked for sixteen years as a special agent and supervisory special agent with the Criminal Investigations Section of the INS (which became Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE after George W. Bush's questionable creation of DHS in 2003).

My area of self-study and concern in retirement includes the ongoing US backed Mexican Drug War and the insidious politics of US illegal immigration.

The current Mexican Drug War was started with US support by Mexican President Felipe Calderon in 2006.  It rages on today under President Pena-Nieto and with its present collateral, government-induced slaughter of some 120,000 people.   I see the Mexican Drug War as an extension of Washington's forty-year long failed - yet highly profitable - war on drugs.  

I also stay informed about today's illegal immigration issues and I am against the current immigration reform legislation in congress.  I believe Washington turns a blind eye to NAFTA which has increased Mexican poverty and US/Mexican bi-national greed as the root causes of 62% of our present undocumented population.  I believe Washington intentionally  fails to address our Mexican illegal immigration problems and the current drug war deaths because of their need for cheap labor and the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and Mexican oil that the bi-national elite share.  Not only the undocumented but US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of our ineffective, decades-long US immigration policies.  

I have created a power point presentation that details my experiences as a Border Patrol Agent.  I can also adjust the presentation to address the issues noted above. 

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