Thursday, September 26, 2013

The US Border Patrol is a tragic symptom of Washington's and Mexico's corrupt, immoral, self-serving illegal immigration for profit labor/remittance system

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The US Border Patrol is a tragic symptom of Washington's and Mexico's corrupt, immoral, self-serving illegal immigration for profit labor/remittance system.

If the majority of Americans and Mexican citizens could unhook from their multi-generations long conditioning by the insidious elite who run both the US and Mexican governments - then maybe, just maybe, they could see this system for what it really is.

You must be willing to entertain the worst case scenario here.  You must willing to agree to set aside any previous automatic trust and faith that you might have been brainwashed into putting into your governments.  For it is only then that you may see the horrendous abuse these elite governments commit upon their own citizens.

The elite of both countries have created economic conditions that push Mexico's (and others) undocumented illegally into the US.

This abuse of laborers is not just a US/Mexico phenomena.  Are you willing to consider the possibility that this is a global problem?

The Mexican elite caste off millions of people who their economy cannot sustain.  Said elite receive billions pumped back into their economy by remittances continually sent home by their undocumented.  Yes, that is the deal.  They in effect export their own poor for money sent back home. 

The American elite - despite propaganda and laws to the contrary -  receive a never-ending supply of hardy, cheap labor.  Yes, many are deported.  That is known as the survival of the fittest which to a large degree insures that only the fastest and most fit will make it through to be modern day slaves to their American masters.

The American elite has also created another division of the US military industrial complex that makes immense profits from the "war" on illegal immigration:

It is eerie to me to see the similarities in Washington's 40 year + long war on drugs and the their "war" on illegal immigration.  For those of you who do not think that this is a war, I suggest that you travel to El Paso or San Diego border crossing points and see the walls and razor wire fencing.  We are supposed to be friendly neighbors with Mexico, yet could you imagine what it would look like if we were enemies?

Do you really understand the economic ties that the US has with Mexico?  This is not about firecrackers and chicle;  this is about oil and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.   Notice how our own US Department of State raves about "our" relationship with Mexico:

Please consider what Professor James Petras has to say about "our" ties with Mexico:

I better come back to the US Border Patrol.  I did that work and know from my own experience that the overwhelming majority of the people I dealt with were simply people looking for jobs.  I am not saying that there were and are not still hardened criminals in the mix.  There were and are and we should not have to put up with ex-cons coming back into the US.  We also should not have to put up with hungry people pouring across our border due to our own governments' financial greed.

I also know from my experience that the vast majority of US Border Patrol Agents are honest, hard working men and women doing what could be considered the most difficult job on earth.

Undocumented Mexicans (62% of our undocumented) would not come or stay here if that filthy corrupt trading partner of Washington's took care of its own people.

Notice how VP Biden kisses the Mexican governmental elite's asses while failing to mention the US backed Mexican Drug war and its 120,000 dead during his September 20, 2013 visit to Mexico:

The good people of both nations have been sold out by the puppet governments who are supposed to protect them.

Finally the most recent slap in the faces of the good people of both nations and the most outrageous example of bi-national government corruption:  Ex-Mexican  NAFTA/Drug War President Felipe Calderon being awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award with accompanying one year's lucrative fellowship at Harvard.

God Damn It, I wish I could shake the majority of really ignorant Americans out of their stupors.  Why in God's name do we put up with this insanity?

Please, at a minimum, sign this petition to Harvard to deport that tyrant Calderon back to Mexico.

My vision - a bi-national, peaceful border protest.  Shut down their system for a few days and watch these criminals quiver in their boots.





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