Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Washington Intentionally Profits By Simultaneously "Fighting" Illegal Immigration And "Perpetuating" It Too.

In response:

This government of ours and its current immigration reform fiasco will not solve the illegal immigration problem.  With that being said, we need to wake up and consider the worst and most insidious case scenario against Washington here:  Washington intentionally profits by simultaneously "fighting" illegal immigration and "continuing" it too.  We the People are paying the price.

NAFTA intentionally shipped our jobs away while causing the largest influx of undocumented ever in American history.

Don't "buy" their border security lies.  I learned as a young Border Patrol Agent that nothing our government does on the border is designed to effectively stop hungry, motivated people.  Washington and its cronies simultaneously capitalize off the never-ending, expendable source of cheap labor and  billions from our "border security" tax dollars.

The only thing they secure at the border is the profits they make from our tax dollars.

Illegal immigration and border security have become another specific arm of the US Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  Compare their fight against illegal immigration to the 40+ year long failed US war on drugs.  The money to be made is not in solving the problem;  it is made in the prolonged fight.  The MIC needs wars and terrorists to thrive.  Their drug enforcement arm needs illegal drugs to thrive, and their illegal immigration/border security arm needs illegal aliens to thrive.

Again - we need to wake up and see their worst case scenario for what it really is:  the simultaneous profitization of the illegal activity and the "war" against the illegal activity.

They simultaneously profit from making (fill in the blank) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (fill in the blank). 

They simultaneously profit from making (illegal drugs) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (illegal drugs).

They simultaneously profit from making (illegal immigration) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (illegal immigration).

They simultaneously profit from making (terrorism) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (terrorism).

Wake up folks.  This is exactly what US intervention in the Mid-East (Syria) is about.  They use the crime or threat of terrorism to secure oil or the US and Israel.


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