Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frankensteinian Immigration Reform

All of our self-serving political masters are trying to patch together again another immigration reform monster and pretend it will serve all of our best interests.

Line up you lobbyist thieves and get your piece sewn on:  high tech, low tech, BIG AGRI, border security corporations, privatized immigration prisons, immigrants' rights groups, hotel/motel/meat packing/construction/fast food industries/nanny groups and fill in the blank with anyone else who wants to profit off of cheap labor.  

To the undocumented and your supporters:

You blindly froth at the mouth as you believe any reform is better than none.  Millions of you will willfully sell thirteen years of your laboring souls for a chance at US citizenship.  You believe this is progress?  

Meanwhile, what effect will this reform have upon your friends and families at home?  Their home-country poverty will only worsen as "reform" neglects this very poverty as the cause of your past and their future illegal immigration.

Many from your countries will take the same chances of crossing as you did.  Yet now we have an ever more dangerous and militarized border.  Some will die in the process.  Yet none of you seem to care about them.  And for those who do make it through what will their "reform" deal be decades from now?  Twenty-five years of hard labor for twenty-five (or more) million undocumented?  Won't they too eventually be discarded and shunned from their home countries and offered immoral labor peonage in the US?

You are just as greedy as the people who caused you to come here.  You will continue this illegal immigration nightmare by accepting this reform "deal" with the bi-national devils.

To American taxpayers:

You are just as much pawns in this illegal immigration scam as the undocumented are.  Maybe even more so as you again put your faith and trust in Washington and its crony "border security" corporate profiteers to "fix" this problem.  Wake up folks.  Never-ending, cheap undocumented labor is a continuous profitable venture for the rich (as is the use of billions upon billions of our tax dollars for their "border security" black hole).  You will continue to pay the price of job losses, over-crowded emergency/school rooms and unwelcomed demographic changes to your home towns.

Wake up:  this illegal immigration (for profit) scam is no different than their 40+ year long "war on drugs".  All their profit is made in the fighting of the battle - not in fixing the problems.

To American workers:  watch as your jobs and retirements are sold down the river to Registered Provisional Immigrants, "temporary" foreign workers and more undocumented aliens.

Washington immigration reform profiteers:

How do you sleep at night or keep a straight face when you look your constituents in their faces?  Look what your self-profitizing NAFTA has done to the Mexican poor and American workers:

You simultaneously give amnesty to millions of illegal migrants and billions of our tax dollars to your cronies who are paid to stop it. 

This is no different than your 40+ year long war on drugs, failed health care, and your continuous illegal military wars.  

Read how our Washington and Vice President Biden glorifies the economic rape of not only Mexican citizens but American citizens by the bi-national corrupt elite:

Finally, take a gander at how your Harvard affiliates coddle and pamper ex Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative Harvard fellowship:

I again call for a peaceful, bi-national protest of your insane immigration and drug war policies.  The only way to bring you to your senses is to shut down your 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.

Don't let them assemble this reform monster again.  It only feeds off of the good people of the undocumenteds' countries and the good US taxpayers.


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