Friday, June 28, 2013

The Devil Will Be In The (Immigration Reform) Details

In response:

The devil will be in the details, and the American people will never know all the details until it is way too late.

For instance under Border Security, number (3) Installing a host of new security measures and technologies in specified locations along the border, including specific numbers of surveillance towers, camera systems, ground sensors, radiation detectors, mobile surveillance systems, drones, helicopters, airborne radar systems, planes and ships.

Just what are the specific number of drones, helicopters, planes and ships that We the People will have to foot the bills for and for how long? Is there a cap on how much DOD or DHS can spend on a one time, yearly, or lifetime of purchases?

Or is this an industry builder like its war on drugs predecessor that has gone on for over 40 years despite a taxpayer price tag of one trillion dollars and counting?
Most Americans do not even know we are still paying for the continuing drug war fiasco.
Most Americans do not even know the US supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 war on drugs in Mexico which has sacrificed over 100,000 lives. Most do not now that Calderon now has a fellowship at Harvard.

This current type of approach to illegal immigration started with Reagan's Amnesty in 1986. That failure almost quadrupled the number of undocumented in the US.

My parents taught me never to pour good money after bad. I guess Washington thinks that all tax payer money is good money and can be poured for decades into a black hole.

Is that what is going to happen to this border surge? Common sense says it is not only already happening, but will escalate with this bill.

Has there ever at any time been a government agency who has ever voluntarily reduced or rejected its budget because the taxpayers' monies were being wasted?

When does this insanity stop?

I hope this bill being shot down is a start.

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