Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What an insult to our intelligence your immigration reform is!

In response:

Welcome to the DOD and US Drone manufacturers as you jump on board of the US taxpayer- funded gravy train i.e. the US Border Security industrial complex!

How many billions more will it cost us to find out just how many undocumented escape being caught and end up reinforcing your next reform or amnesty boondoggle?

You guys might as well you those darn things to give out traffic tickets.

Who is stupid enough to believe that if your smokescreen border security triggers are not met that the US government will ever deport these new RPI applicants or deny them residency leading to citizenship?

You shysters will do anything but confront the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in pushing its own citizens here (over one half of our undocumented) for us to have to deal with.

Obviously cheap labor and taxpayers' border security funding are more important to you than fixing the problem for common Americans.

What an insult to our intelligence your immigration reform is!

Immigration reform is about corporate profit from cheap labor and taxpayers' money being used to make you think someone in Washington really wants to - or will stop - illegal immigration.

The rest is propaganda used to keep the majority of voters maintaining the above status quo.

Also known as two sides workin' the middle (as in middle-class)!

The only things either side of our two-faced government cares about concerning immigration reform is profit from cheap (undocumented) labor and profit from taxpayers' funneled to their cronies "designed to persuade then fail" border security complex.

Its bad enough America that we are getting hosed by these profiteers but many of you jump in there to help these darn shysters with your own hosing! Geeeeeeez!

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