Saturday, June 1, 2013

Immigration Reform: How Can We Trust Washington?

In response:

I am a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, now an anti-drug war activist, and a migrant's rights activist.

I am against this reform because it fails (as did the promises made from Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS) to effectively curtail illegal immigration. In addition, these so-called leaders of ours fail to address the root cause of Mexican illegal immigration into the US (which makes up over 50% of our undocumented population): Mexican poverty.

How can we trust Washington when Clinton's 1994 NAFTA caused the largest influx of undocumented into the US ever? US corn dumped into Mexico, Wal-Mart, and US owned border factories created in Mexico (then moved to China) all contributed to our undocumented population almost quadrupling in size from the mid-1990's until today.

Of course NAFTA caused US jobs to be exported from the US too.

For decades now the Mexican elite basically "export" their own citizens in exchange for billions in remittances pumped back into their economy annually (not unlike illegal drugs and cartel drug profits).

The US elite profit from cheap labor and recurring versions of "amnesty" that increasingly pump billions more tax payers' dollars into their cronies border security complex. Have you priced a drone lately as this bill adds the Department of Defense to the militarized border gravy train?

Don't forget the billions wasted on their failed virtual fence fiasco.

Besides these costs, Americans suffer other consequences of this charade: extremely long waiting lines at hospital emergency rooms and very noticeable unfair changes in their home-town demographics.

When is the last time someone from the Gang of 8's families had to wait six hours in line at a hospital emergency room filled with undocumented people and people with obvious mental problems? Or had their kids or grandkids attend a public school where half the kids in class did not know English which slowed classroom learning down?

This bill screws again American taxpayers and the undocumented while fattening the pockets of the elite who perpetuate this nightmare.
To add insult to injury, these bi-national profiteers share 1.25 billion dollars a day of cross border trade but can't provide for their own citizens?

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