Monday, June 17, 2013

A Mexican-American Fairy Tale

Once upon a time the parents of a neighboring family shamefully disregarded the needs of its own children.  These parents were wealthy but would not provide clean water, housing,  decent jobs, education, or any chance of prosperity to their own children.  These abandoned kids were forced to live at home in abject poverty or escape to another place where they could be paid ten times the money that they could ever possibly make at home.   Sadly some of these kids died making the dangerous journey to this land called the US.  These kids were de facto murdered by their own parents.   Yet the ones who made it sent money back home to their poor brothers and sisters who were held captive by these abusive parents.  In reality those abusive parents benefited by avoiding the responsibility of not only taking care of their kids who they forced to leave home, but also the kids who they held as hostages at home.

Expand this this fairy tail concept to today's corrupt Mexican Government run by the corrupt Mexican elite.  If these people were actually considered "parents" of their own citizens, they would be arrested and jailed for abuse,  neglect, and murder.

Back to the make-believe analogy.  Now the wealthy  "parents" who control the US where these "kids" go also benefit from these "kids" leaving home.  You see these "kids" are expert workers and are used for US labor at cheap prices.  Now it appears that those "parents" in control of the US don't want these Mexican "kids" to come to their country.   They have laws, build fences and make promises to stop these "kids" from coming.  Yet if enough "kids" make it through they are actually allowed to legalize and stay in the US?  Here is another insidious twist to this very confusing story.  The USA wealthy "parents" actually profit off of these Mexican "kids" while simultaneously passing their medical and educational costs on to other common US "parent" taxpayers.   This set-up is not only unfair but unjust to the Mexican "kids" and their common US "parent" taxpayers who suffer the costs and consequences of this bi-national abuse .

By the way, the wealthy bi-national "parents" of these two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross country trade.  They share money for oil.  They mutually benefit from the US wealthy "parents" investing in the Mexican wealthy "parents'" industries at home.  

The final slap in the face is that the wealthy US "parents" have convinced the common US "parents" that the Mexican "kids" are at fault and are to blame for this problem .  These wealthy US "parents" even promise to fix the problem by stealing more and more tax dollars of the common US "parents" for a false idea they invented called "Border Security".   However, some common US "parents" have lived long enough and have heard this same lie over and over again.  The common US "parents" who hire wealthy US "parents" to govern their land are angry about being used and lied to.  

They no longer trust their governing "parents" and are arranging for their own release of custody.        



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