Saturday, June 29, 2013

Roll Out The Presses for Millions of False RPI Immigration Applications!

In response:
Under Path to Citizenship:

(2) They arrived in the U.S. prior to Dec. 31, 2011, and maintained continuous physical presence

I wonder how DHS will combat the massive fraud coming with this can of worms?
How hard is it to dummy up fake work subs, rental receipts, school records, utility bills, false affidavits? They are running north to get here to take advantage of this fiasco!

Are they going to double the size of ICE to handle these false RPI applications?

Talk to any of the old INS agents who worked Amnesty fraud (which I am one). What a joke. Everyone from top to bottom knew of the massive fraud, especially with the special agricultural workers side of that give away.
The Reagan administration was more concerned with the program "looking" successful than telling the truth. Thousands of false applications were rubber stamped through with full knowledge of INS in Washington

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