Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Gorillas in Washington's Immigration Reform Rooms

In response:
Bravo!  Mr. Navarette speaks the immigration "reform" realities from both sides of the border!  Realities that both governments ignore.  Washington scrambles to see how to best profit from "reform" yet when it comes to the country which supplies or pushes 60% of the total undocumented into the US?  Silencio. Silence.

Do you know anyone in their right mind who would address a problem by ignoring the root cause of 60% of that problem?

Many Americans are angry about the presence of the  undocumented in the US.  Their anger is pointed at the undocumented rather than the bi-national system that pushes 100% of the costs and consequences of  the undocumented unto them.

Yet our own government refuses to address the Mexico connection to 60% of our total problem? 

Something is very wrong with this picture amigos.  The elite of both countries share 1.25 billion dollars day in cross border trade while the Mexican poverty rate is 50% or higher?  The elite of both countries invest heavily in each other's wealthy industries yet allow the Mexican poor to not only be treated as modern US slaves but to suffer deaths in the process of getting here?  All this suffering  is for cheap labor in exchange for remittances?

My God who and what are these people? 

US politicians also refuse to acknowledge the unfair demographic changes to many American towns by ignoring the voices and dismay of American taxpayers.  Yet Washington nevertheless is going to ram this slave version of amnesty/multi-billion dollar border build up down our throats anew? 

Speaking of unforgiveable silence Mexico's continuing Drug War has left some 100,000 dead while Washington remains not only mum about these deaths but mum about the US support (Merida funding/illegal weapons) of this slaughter?

Adding insult to injury (and death) Harvard University (a la Gianna Angelopoulos and Bill Clinton) grant their compadre and ex Mexican Drug War President/CEO a lucrative US fellowship as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?   Harvard honors Calderon's economic and health care "contributions" to Mexico while dishonoring the deaths of 100,000 people and another 25,000 missing? 

Harvard does this mean that in order to be a Harvard "global leader" one has to sign on to a free trade agreement such as NAFTA and kill their own people  in the name of the mighty US war on drugs?

Nowhere are the insidious ties between the White House and Los Pinos (The Mexican elite's version of the US White House) clearer than this profit above human life love affair between the US and Mexican super rich. 

Bi-national gorillas in the rooms are being ignored during all of Washington's immigration reform meetings.  One is an 800 pound narco-guerrilla just waiting to explode. Another represents Mexican poverty and abuse.  Another represents the drug war dead.  

Another represents the good people on both sides of the border who have had it (estan hasta la madre) with the corrupt, lying, death generating governments who have raped or killed them for years.  


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