Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Washington's Fix to The American Taxpayers' Leaky Roof

In response:

Attention American Taxpayers: Washington's Gypsy Roofers Are Baaaccckkk!

 In 1986 the gypsy roofing group called "Reagan" rolled into Washington and pressured American taxpayers into fixing the American taxpayers''  leaky roof.  The cost was 156 billion dollars. "Reagan" estimated about 3 million leaks and guaranteed to fix them forever for American taxpayers.

As you know more and more leaks kept breaking through the American taxpayers' leaky roof as "Reagan" apparently went belly-up.

Well today a new gypsy roofing group called "Gang of 8" has rolled into Washington and estimates that the American taxpayers' leaky roof now has 11 million leaks. It is not known why "Reagan's" work failed or how the new leaks broke through.  The "Gang of 8" has frantically put a mandatory rush order into Washington as they will be leaving soon and don't want American taxpayers to be overcome by so many leaks in their roof.

One Washington resident/company whistleblower revealed that the two sham roofing groups were actually one in the same. This whistleblower "leaked" information that both "Reagan" and "Gang of 8" were now and always had been secretly conspiring in Washington to punch holes in the American taxpayer' leaky roof in order to get more and more work and money out of them.

"Gang of 8" promises to finalize its 1,200 page invoice containing 700 amendments soon but insists it must get Washington 's approval immediately in order to start to save our American taxpayers' leaky roof - no holds barred.

The "Gang of 8" promised today in Washington that despite what the "Reagan" group did, their    group will really fix the American taxpayer's leaky roof for good as soon as American taxpayers' funding is approved.

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