Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make Something Illegal, Unenforceable, Then Profit Off Of Both

In response:
"The bill mandates that significant increases to border requirements be met before undocumented immigrants can move from provisional status to legal permanent residency".

Sweet. Did eleven million, 10-year undocumented indentured servants just get life sentences? Why would any immigrant rights groups support this travesty of justice?

We spend billions upon billions of dollars trying to keep people out, yet these congressional profiteers have not said one word about our neighbor Mexico as being the source of over 50% of all of the undocumented in the US.

Please take a look at how our own Department of State describes our relationship with Mexico (link below). We need to look at these economic ties in order to understand why Washington coddles Mexico. These bi-national shysters simultaneously profit off of amnesties, border build ups, cheap labor, trade, oil, weapons sales, NAFTA, Merida funding, legal and illegal immigration and drug profits.

What a rip-off of US taxpayers. We need to look at this and compare it to our 40 year long drug war. The illegal products are different, but the insidious dynamics and their Mexican connection are the same: make something illegal, unenforceable, then profit off of both.

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