Monday, June 3, 2013

Border Security Myth

In response:

Have we been brainwashed into believing that the only hope for immigration reform and stopping illegal immigration is their "border security" myth?

For decades now our taxpayers have to spend billions upon billions of dollars and suffer the consequences of lost jobs, over-crowded hospital emergency and school rooms, and unfair demographic changes to our towns because our own government conspires with the Mexican government to hose good people on both sides of the border for profit?

They pitched us this baloney twice (Amnesty and NAFTA) and the results were billions more taxpayers dollars spent on "border security" (profits for privatized border security corporations) and millions more undocumented in the US.

This insanity is based upon our ignorance.

Tell me how do they "secure" a 2,000 mile border that has 1 million people and 300,000 cars/trucks passing north from Mexico on a daily basis? How about the 1.25 billion dollars in cross border trade? Do you think any "border security" measures they take will interfere with that?

Mexico is our number two source of oil. Does selling oil to the USA give them the right to dump millions of their poor and their poor's associated costs to US taxpayers?

Washington is in the pockets of Corporate Mexico and the honest, hardworking citizens of both sides of the border are paying the price.

Washington - stand up to that corrupt co-trading partner of yours and make them take responsibility for over 50% our undocumented who you both continue to use and kick to our bi-national border curbs.

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