Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Illegal Immigration Reform In A Nutshell

Illegal Immigration Reform: It's Primarily All About Profit From Cheap Mexican Labor

OK folks, here it (really) is in a nutshell: scam voters into believing that pumping billions more in "border security" will stop illegal immigration.

Don't let them know that this task is not only impossible to do, but they actually do not want to stop illegal immigration either. You know they have to set the stage for the next wave of cheap undocumented labor for their own profit.

Make the 11 million undocumented already here into a new sub-class of laborers called Registered Provisional Immigrants (RPI's). Make their citizenship contingent upon "triggers" that will pump even more money into their border security cronies' pockets. Thank you American taxpayers - God how they love you!

In fact, squeeze these RPI's for 13 more years of blood and labor before they can become citizens!

Meanwhile they hope that the American people pay no attention to the fact that "we" share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico. Or that they realize that Mexico is our number two source of oil. Or that they realize that the US 1% invest more money in Mexico than anyone else. Or that we backed Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon as he used his own corrupt military to fight a senseless drug war in which 100,000 people (including US citizens and agents ) were sacrificed. Or that Harvard University recently awarded this Drug War Tyrant with the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's fellowship in which Calderon is now is paid 100K a pop to lecture at crony universities. Or that the corrupt Mexican elite for some reason seem to have us by our cajones as we are subservient to them and their undocumented too.

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