Thursday, June 6, 2013

Americans Are "Immigration Angry"

In response:

I think many Americans are really "immigration angry" because they have to deal with overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, jobs being lost or undercut by undocumented workers, and unfair demographic changes in their towns that in at least some cases cause their property values to decline.

Those of us who are in our 50's and 60's have witnessed Washington's illegal immigration song and dance before. That is why we do not believe this convoluted, self-serving 2013 reform plan that they are pitching at us today.

Most Americans are kind, non-racist and simply have had it with their own government lying to them. Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA both promised to end illegal immigration but in fact increased it! Eventually NAFTA screwed Americans and Mexicans out of jobs being exported to China.

Yet we are expected to absorb the costs and consequences of the Mexican government not taking care of its own citizens? Meanwhile, Obama and Harvard University kiss Mexico's rear end because the bi-national elite enjoy the fruits of bi-national trade and oil?

These government profiteers insidiously profit by creating of Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration, yet who pays the price?

Americans may not be totally clear about who is doing what and why, but they do know they are getting screwed. And until someone in our government gets to the bottom of it we will all continue to see these racist and hatred reactions of those who can't figure it out.

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