Friday, June 14, 2013

Do you people take responsibility for anything?

In response:

These politicians spout off and blow with the prevailing winds.

No one that I know of has anything negative to say about hardworking, honest immigrants.

It is this "on again off again love affair" you profiteers exhibit with the undocumented that gets people angry.

Dear undocumented oh how we love you - please stay (as record deportations are simultaneously occurring).

"We are a nation of laws" so stay home (except when we need you to make money off of your cheap labor).

Who are you trying to kid? You and your cronies cash in on the a la carte cheap labor and border security funds all on the public's dime.

Each time this reform issue comes to a head the number of undocumented has substantially increased as coincidently has your price tag for MORE border security?

Do you people take responsibility for anything?

You say the fix to illegal immigration is bigger and better border security, yet decades of evidence says you can't get the there from here.

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