Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do Americans Really Understand Drug War Violence in Mexico?

In Response:

How many Americans really understand the recent drug war violence in Mexico?

My guess is that very few do. Our typical American thinking: The drug war involves the good guys fighting the bad guys and despite all of this horrible violence it must be right, right?

It isn't that simple. How many of you know which Mexican president started Mexico's 2006 drug war that continues today? How about how many people have been killed and have disappeared during this war? How about understanding the historic corruption of Mexico's drug cartels upon all levels of Mexican government, military, judiciary, and law enforcement agencies?

Do you know who is the most famous living Mexican drug kingpin? How about the estimated amount of illegal drug dollars that pour into Mexico annually?

Which US president started our US drug war? When did it start? Any ideas of the estimated cost and the number of people who have been imprisoned for drugs during our drug war?

How many US guns are smuggled illegally into Mexico annually?

How many of you know what Plan Merida is? How many understand the bi-national importance of US and Mexican trade? Who is our number two source of oil? How about the effect of NAFTA upon the Mexican poor and the number of undocumented to the US?

How many of you know which US university recently gave Mexico's 2006 Drug War President a prestigious and lucrative year's long fellowship?

It is one thing to empathize with the violence in Mexico; it is another to understand what is causing it.

These questions are simple Google searches.  Please educate yourselves.  

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