Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "Push and Pull" of the Mexican Undocumented

In response:

These competing, self-serving profiteers are like vultures picking over the carcasses of the (primarily) Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers.

Take one issue: Mexican illegal immigration - fix it, and over 50% of our undocumented problems dissolve. But tackling Mexican illegal immigration might require Washington to expose its own greed in creating the "push and pull" of their undocumented here?

What has "pushed and pulled" their undocumented here for decades?

1) Poverty created by the Mexican elite
2) NAFTA and the current US backed Mexican drug war
3) Amnesty and the talk of immigration reform
4) US demand for cheap labor
5) US minimum wage, medical services, and schooling
6) Strong religious, familial, and cultural ties

How many politicians or posters who comment here are able to experience or imagine our southern border where 1 million people, 300,000 cars and trucks funnel north from Mexico on a daily basis? It is like bi-national and bi-cultural blood flowing from major arteries creating the existence of the body whole.

Regardless of how you feel about Mexico, you need to understand our cultural and economic connectedness to understand what Washington is up to with immigration "reform". Remember: 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and Mexican oil.

The best approach the US government could have in helping US taxpayers and curtailing illegal immigration is to negotiate with the Mexican government for them to provide for their own citizens so that they do not have to sneak here to survive and prosper.

This of course of action should continue with the other home countries that push their undocumented here.

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