Monday, June 24, 2013

Players and Payers: Thoughts On Immigration Reform and Other Scams on "We The People"

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Players and Payers:  Thoughts On Immigration Reform and Other Scams on "We The People".

"Our" Senate plays the "good immigration cop" role while "our"  House plays the "bad immigration cop" role.  (As a reminder, both work for the same 1% run "police department").  

Both play the undocumented for cheap labor and amnesties du jour.  Both play the taxpayers for billions more in "border surges" and those same amnesties du jour.

The 1% who run the Mexican government play our taxpayers via Washington for trade deficits, foreign aid, Merida funds, remittances for their undocumented, health and educational costs for their undocumented, drug profits, illegal weapons, laundering drug profits via US banks, Mexican oil, and Harvard University fellowships (to name a few).

The 1% who run our government play the good citizens of Mexico as a never ending source of cheap labor, privatized immigration prison inmates, deportation propaganda/political gain and amnesties/border surges du jour,  and as scapegoats for their insidious reform bill.

Does the White House play the good cop role while "Los Pinos" (Mexico's version of our White House) play the bad cop role?    (As a reminder, both work for the same 1% run bi-national/global  "police department").  

So what if more undocumented are dying crossing our border despite tighter security?

So what if over 100,000 people have died in the 2006 failed US backed Mexican Drug War?

So what if banks involved in laundering cartel profits are ignored by the US Government?
So what if Harvard University rewards Washington's Mexican Drug War Puppet/CEO Felipe Calderon as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader despite the fact that Calderon's senseless US backed drug war has sacrificed over 100,000 lives?
Most Americans are primarily not angry at the undocumented.  They are angry at the elite who use the undocumented to use American taxpayers.  Some Americans can't quite get step one of this equation so they blame the undocumented and are unconscious of the real abusers. 

This immigration "reform"  scam is insidiously similar to other preventable scams that were and are  rammed down our throats by our own leaders (for their own masters' gains):  The Drug War, The Iraq War, NAFTA, The Repeal of Glass-Steagall, The Great Recession of 2008, Obamacare, Citizen's United, NDAA, TPP, Austerity AKA Sequestration, failed gun control, the corporatization of Washington, and the many other ways the people are played which I can't think of at the moment.   Please feel free to fill in the blank.
We pay them to play us.

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