Sunday, June 16, 2013

Same Old Immigration Propaganda That They Spew Anew

In response:

From above:  "In fact, many of them are downright ignorant about the complex mega-bills they deal with."

Or possibly just hypnotized and self-enchanted by their own regurgitation of the same old immigration propaganda that they spew anew?

"Give all 11 million undocumented "Kings X's"  (again) but this time by God we will seal the border!"

As far as I can tell the vast majority of Americans are concerned with illegal immigration.  Yet this "comprehensive bill" would better be titled "convoluted" than comprehensive as it tumbles down the old immigration rabbit hole with a quagmire of hundreds of self-serving amendments.

Of course this reform cluster bomb is primarily designed to the bury the fact that this reform simultaneously rapes the undocumented (for cheap labor) and US taxpayers (for multiple billions more  in "border security" tax dollars).

Earth to Washington:  take illegal immigration and illegal immigration alone and fix it.  That is what the vast majority of "We the People" of America want.

In fact just take Mexican illegal immigration which constitutes over 50% of the undocumented in the US.  You people share 1.25 billion dollars a day with cross border trade with Mexico and yet "We the People" have to suffer the costs and consequences of the Mexican undocumented?  

Why should we have to deal with the immensely overcrowded emergency rooms and unfair demographic changes to our towns?    

Why should the Mexican undocumented have to sneak away from their families and out of the country that they love in order to put food on their tables? 

Pardon my French, but you bi-national 1% profiteers need a good immigration "ass whoppin'" for the hand you have insidiously and consistently dealt the good citizens of both  sides of the border.  
We pay your salaries to watch out for us, and that is exactly what you do not do.      

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