Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Response to Laura Carlsen's Outstanding Article

In response: "Public Security - The Greatest Causality of the Drug War" by Laura Carlsen. 

Bravo Laura Carlsen! Outstanding, extremely knowledgeable, well informed, well written and totally pertinent to the bi-national problems that we face today.

I wholeheartedly support the good citizens of both countries in joining together to do that which neither of our 1% run "governments for profit" will do.
This may take massive demonstrations from both sides of the border. The only way to get the 1%'s attention is to shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade while exposing their democratic hypocrisy.

Worldwide attention and exposure needs to be drawn to the extreme dissatisfaction of the common peoples of both countries.

Why? The US backed failed drug war that has produced the deaths of some 60 to 100 thousand people in Mexico; NAFTA policies that have hurt the common people on both sides of the border; the huge bi-national disparities in incomes; the super rich profiting from illegal drugs and illegal immigration while pitting never ending, profitable wars against them both; each government putting the value of oil, trade, and cheap labor above the cost of human life.

Their militarized wall was built and is maintained to keep the good people of both sides of the border from knowing and loving each other. Their propaganda is designed to confuse the citizens of both countries into hating and blaming each other while hiding the 1%'s insidious abuse and greed.

Saludos and blessings to Javier Sicilia and all of the caravanistas. I pray that their efforts will spawn a combined American and Mexican Arab Spring.

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