Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An American Fall - Flood the Streets of DC

 in response:

All of these different marches and demonstrations go on and on.  They are little separate streams that ultimately (and unfortunately) go nowhere. 

Why can't the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dissatisfied Americans organize, flood the streets of DC, and peacefully march in order to show the them (the super rich who run and are ruining our country and their government shills AKA the 1%) that we can and will do it?

I pray for a well respected leader or team of leaders to step up and ask for this.  It has to be done at a level that the 1%  has never seen before.  It has to be done so the 1% gets it through their bones -  stop this insanity. 

An American Fall (no pun intended) if you will. 

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