Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Deal for the US/Mexican 1%

The Mexican 1% in effect "exports" people to the US 1% by not providing basics of life for them. In exchange they get some 26 billion a year in remittances sent back home to take care of the other family members of the undocumented who the Mexican 1% refuses to provide for also.

Sweet deal, no?

Of course the US 1% in involved and in exchange gets cheap laborers putting food on their tables, making their beds, constructing their homes etc. while the US 99% gets stuck with the rising hospital, educational, and job lost costs from these same undocumented.

Sweet deal for the 1%, no?

Then you have a well paid bigot with a gun and a badge like Arpaio working for the 1% by trying to fill us the US 1%'s privatized prisons with the undocumented under his twisted sense of patriotism, no?

This is all about money my fellow Americans. I just wish you would see the light so we could put a stop to this nonsense. Question: would the undocumented from Mexico come or stay here if that corrupt 1% run trading partner of ours took of its own citizens?

Si, no sweet deal for the bi-national 99%!

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