Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Immigration Reform Is About Washington Profiting Off Of Undocumented and American Families

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Immigration Reform Is About Washington Profiting Off Of Undocumented Families and American Families

If we want to end this cyclic system of profitized illegal immigration/reform/border militarization we will have to reveal the insidious truths of how and why it exists.

In the case of Mexico (the source of 60% of our undocumented) poverty is being bi-nationally created in order to push people illegally into the US for cheap labor in exchange for remittances sent back home.

Once the "problem" (or our economy) reaches a head Washington attempts to "reform" it by initially soaking US taxpayers with $46,300,000,000 for "border security".   Look at this monstrosity passed by the Senate known as S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  Pay particular attention to the funding free-for-all under Section 6:

Yes family separation and deportations are tragic consequences of this game Washington is playing.  So are serious crimes committed against US citizens by the criminal element of undocumented.  So are over-burdened and over-crowded  hospital emergency rooms and school systems.  So are unfair demographic changes to some American towns.

Our own government helps create poverty that pushes people here.  Then they expect US taxpayers to suffer the costs and consequences of their insidious source of never-ending cheap labor.  Then they expect us to forget about our own abuse and agree to "immigration reform" that does absolutely nothing to solve the co-created host country poverty that causes "our" illegal immigration.

That's it Washington.  We have had it with your illegal immigration abuse. 

Now we will see if there are any honest politicians out there who will crack open the truth to this illegal immigration can of worms.  Who will really address it and fix it?    


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