Friday, December 6, 2013

When Are Americans Going To See The Mexican Illegal Immigration Light?

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When Are Americans Going To See The Mexican Illegal Immigration Light?

Our own beloved government is in cahoots with the Mexican government to screw the Mexican undocumented in order to screw us.

Note:  I use Mexico as the prime example of our Washington condoned, privatized system of illegal immigration.  If we understand Mexico we will understand the other countries involved in this illegal immigration scam to the US. 

Reagan's 1986 Amnesty primed the perpetual, profitized illegal immigration and border security pumps.  You the invading undocumented are not welcome here - we must use billons of US tax dollars for our contractor cronies in order to militarize the border!  BUT - (wink, wink) - if  enough of you make it through we will do our best to find a way to let you stay. 

Wait a minute!  What about those tens of thousands of people who you annually deport?   Fooled you fools!  What a way to simultaneously deceive the public, make profits, and guarantee this continuous,  insidious status quo.   Kind of like bailing water on a sinking boat, no?  Lots and lots of bailing while the boat takes on more and more water.  That is until, of course, they throw another amnesty or reform and reset the undocumented counter to zero (thus disappearing our problem with 11.2 million  undocumented for the moment). 

To the brainwashed US taxpayers:  We the US elite commanded Washington to tell you that Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA would effectively solve illegal immigration.

What do you mean the count went from 3 million to 11.2 million?  Well - looks like we need to do another reform amnesia program and initially bilk you out of some 46 billion to really fix the problem this time!


What do you mean our 40+ year long problem with illegal drugs is very similar to this illegal immigration problem?   Of course they both have that Mexican connection.  However - Mexico is our number one source of illegal drugs and illegal laborers, number two source of OIL, our number three (thanks to NAFTA) trading partner, and shares 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with us.  By the way, as far as "securing the border" we do have to contend with nearly one million people, cars and trucks legally crossing the border from Mexico on a daily basis too.

By the way do you ever wonder why Mexican President "120,000 Drug War Dead" Felipe Calderon received Harvard's First Angelopoulos (Bill Clinton) Global Leader's Award and lucrative Harvard fellowship?

We can not possibly say no to immigration reform  -  especially because of all of our lucratively corrupt ties to legal and illegal Mexican trade.  It is the cost of the two corrupt governments doing "business";  you the US taxpayers along with your new undocumented neighbors will just have to bite the bullet and suck it up.

Your Immigration Reform Politicians In Washington


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