Friday, December 6, 2013

"We Need To Put The U.S. Army Back On Our Borders To End This Nonsense" - Typical American Mindset

"We Need To Put The U.S. Army Back On Our Borders To End This Nonsense" - Typical American Mindset

The above quote was a post made in response to an article about illegal immigration to the US.

I responded to this person by saying:

"The saddest part of your comment is that it reflects the typical brainwashed American mindset for solving Washington's self-created problems - with not only Mexico - but many over countries in the world.  FYI, the corrupt corporatists who run Washington have bound our legal and illegal economies so tightly with Mexico's that only an actual military war would bring about the results that you suggest."

When I worked as a US Border Patrol Agent I heard many such cements: 

Electrify the fence, build motes, use mines, use machine guns, invade Mexico, put bounties on their heads, and of course - today's version - use "armed drones".

Americans who do not take the time to learn and understand this problem are left with Washington's propaganda and rhetoric.

Immigration reform condones and prolongs the abuse of the undocumented laborers and US taxpayers because it does not address the actual reasons people come here.  And that, of course, is what our so called  immigration reform leaders in Washington want.

That is to say they want the profitized cycle of illegal immigration/reform to continue.  Of course they will spend billions more to pretend to "secure the border" but they will never so effectively control the border as to completely stop the undocumented laborers from making it through.

They will not completely cut off their source of millions of dollars of cheap labor or their millions of reasons more to have immigration reform.       

We have met the enemy Pogo.


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