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Will You Help Stop The "US/Mexico Border Hunger Games"?

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Will You Help Stop "The US/Mexico Border Hunger Games"?

For the purpose of this discussion let's just say that the officially unofficial "US/Mexico Border Hunger Games" started with the creation of the US Border Patrol and the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal entry" in 1924.

In 1924 it becomes officially against the law for the people of Mexico and other countries to cross the US/Mexican border in order to work in the US without inspection or without proper papers.

Despite the 1924 laws prohibiting it, illegal immigration AKA The "US/Mexico Border Hunger Games" had started.   

As it was then is as it is now.  Generations of Mexican laborers have needed to work in the US to feed their families and US employers have hired them for their back-breaking labor and low wages.

Fast forward to 1986 - Reagan's Amnesty is passed. The ante for the "US/Mexico Border Hunger Games" has just been upped - way upped.  Almost three million undocumented were awarded "green cards" (lawfully admitted permanent residence status) for their participation in the games. The majority of those "winners" were from Mexico (80%).

The government's "border security" and interior immigration enforcement components of the games also were greatly enhanced.  The games simultaneously got harder for the undocumented and much more profitable for Washington's crony "border security" industries.  These corrupt components were awarded billions more tax dollars while American citizens were lied to as Washington promised to put an end to illegal immigration.

In 1994 the passage of Clinton's NAFTA raised the "US/Mexico Border Hunger Games" stakes even higher.  While NAFTA enhanced bi-national corporate profits it pushed more undocumented into the US than ever before.

With this NAFTA-caused influx of undocumented came another US government twist in the games.  Officially known as "Operation Gatekeeper" this move poured billions more tax dollars into Washington's crony militarization of the border.

Now as the border is being fenced and militarized from the San Diego to the east it is much more difficult - and dangerous - for the undocumented hunger games participants to cross the border.

Fast forward to 2013 and Washigton's attempt at "Immigration Reform" - a euphuism for the bi-national elite's revised 2013 edition of  "The US/Mexico Border Hunger Games". 

Their current propaganda twists include the bribery of 11.2 million undocumented players (60% from Mexico) with 13 years of "Registered Provisional Immigrant" labor peonage status for a chance at US citizenship.  The US Border Patrol will be doubled in size (from some 19,000 gents to 38,000 agents) and billions upon billions more dollars will be used for their crony drone and surveillance industries.  H1-b annual foreign workers visas for American high tech corporations will be nearly doubled (65,000 to 115,000) cutting thousands more US workers out of jobs.

Will You Help Stop "The US/Mexico Border Hunger Games"?

How long will we let these insidious, insane games go on?  When I say "we" I am referring to the American taxpayers who suffer the costs and consequences of these games and the undocumented who are also willing participants in these games.

I speak specifically to the Mexican undocumented.   When do you stand up and say ¡Estamos hasta la madre! to this generational rape and abuse of your own people?  You - especially the undocumented from Mexico - have the power to stop this and to force both governments to end the games.  You have the power to force them to allow prosperity for all of the undocumented in their home countries.

The reasons that these deadly games go on is because we (you and us) let them go on.

Don't take their RPI bribe - which may give you a temporary sense of relief -  but will continue the coerced abuse of the next wave of undocumented participants.  You are 11.2 million strong.  Convince your supporters to hold out for the grand prize - peace and prosperity for all involved.  Join with millions of American and Mexican supporters too.  Include the other 4.4 million US undocumented from the all other countries and their home-country supporters too!

Wake up folks!  This is a global issue and contributes to the rape of millions of migrants globally.

We could peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross US/Mexican border trade.  We could expose their games to the world.  We can embarrass them and shame them because of their own "democratic" hypocrisy to not only us, but the world.

We could bring these two governments to their knees and then their senses by choosing to not play in their games any longer. 


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