Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Immigration Reform - Lies and Other High Mexican Illegal Immigration/Drug War Crimes

Immigration Reform  - Lies and Other High Mexican Illegal Immigration/Drug War Crimes

I have copied many links related to immigration reform, illegal immigration, and the Mexican drug war. 

My conclusion is that beneath Washington's propaganda, illegal immigration and illegal drugs - the wars against and the reform for - are all about using the undocumented and US taxpayers to make unfathomable amounts of profit for Washington's crony "border security" and drug war industries.

Mexican poverty and NAFTA prosperity are intentionally created and maintained in order to keep a never-ending supply of the world's hardiest laborers coming north, remittances going south, profits going bi-nationally, and US jobs simply going bye-bye.

Over the last four decades over one trillion US tax dollars have been poured into US border security and US drug wars, yet we have more drugs and undocumented in the US than ever before?

Who in their right mind would believe that their current reform request for billions more border security dollars is nothing short of greed induced insanity? 

We have one of the highest prison drug-crime populations in the world and sell more arms than anyone in the world.  Do you think that is a coincidence?   Of course our military industrial complex is a similar subject for head-shaking scrutiny.   

All of these subjects are insidiously linked to Washigton's ties with Mexico.  We share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and yet have more undocumented Mexicans (60%) in the US than any other country?  Is Mexico's place as our second largest source of oil automatically mean that they have the right to be our number one source of illegal drugs and undocumented people?

Has Washington created a drug addicted, NAFTA, illegal immigration, 120,000 drug war dead Mexican half-brother or monster?


NAFTA economic policies which put small corn Mexican corn farmers people out of work and either force them to try and work in US owned border maquiladoras or to cross illegally into the US for work.

The Mexican elite's exportation of its own citizens to the US in exchange for further economic benefits of remittances sent back home.  A self-contained welfare system complements of US taxpayers, if you will.

The murder of Mexico's Indigenous Peoples By State sponsored thugs.

The involuntary manslaughter of undocumented people forced into crossing our dangerous border.

The rape of undocumented women working on the US/Mexican border.

The extortion and murders of undocumented people being held by human smugglers.

Mexico's mining industry being invaded by cartels.

Kidnappings in Mexico.

Legal Gun Sales To Mexico Arming The Cartels.

How the US elite and Harvard University Reward Mexico's Drug War President Calderon.

US Banks and Laundering Cartel Drug Profits.

Washington's 2013 Immigration Reform -  13 years of Peonage and Billons More For Border Security.

Does the talk of "Immigration Reform" cause increased illegal immigration?

Abusing the undocumented for profit, or how illegal immigration is big business for US profitized, privatized prisons.

To be continued.


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