Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Many Americans Guarantee The Corrupt and Inhumane Illegal Immigration Status Quo

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Many Americans Guarantee The Corrupt and Inhumane Illegal Immigration Status Quo

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent and immigration awareness activist, I spend hours reading Americans' responses to articles about illegal immigration and immigration reform. 

The vast majority see illegal immigration as an easy enforcement fix i.e. enforce current laws, deport them all, secure the border and mandatory E-verify.

Every once in a while someone will post a response that demonstrates the tragic human consequences of  this nightmare:  family separation, racism, and death on the border.

I rarely and sadly ever hear anyone blame either poverty or US economic polices as contributing factors to our own illegal immigration.

Blaming the undocumented or addressing only the human tragedy aspects of Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration (for cheap labor) and reform (for billions of tax dollars in crony border security contracts) will never solve the problem. 

Washington's slimy comprehensive reform is ultimately about raping the undocumented out of labor and raping US taxpayers out of tax dollars. 

That is what needs to be exposed and addressed in order to get to the roots of this cancer.

So until Americans understand and stand up against the true causes of illegal immigration their ignorance only guarantees the corrupt and inhumane illegal immigration status quo.

Might it occur to you that our own government simultaneously promotes and profits from illegal immigration and its reform too?  Many American's simplistic black and white "illegal versus illegal" approach it the typical way Americans myopically approach this problem. 

That approach actually guarantees the corrupt and inhumane illegal immigration status quo because it distracts from the fact that illegal immigration and its ensuing reform bring not only cheap labor and political profit to America, but rape US taxpayers out of billion of dollars in ineffective border security contracts.

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