Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Immigration Activists', Politicians' and The Undocumenteds' - Biggest Mistake - Ignoring American Victims Of Illegal Immigration

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Immigration Activists', Politicians' and The Undocumenteds' - Biggest Mistake - Ignoring American Victims Of Illegal Immigration

It looks like this Gang of 8's Comprehensive Immigration Reform S744 may be falling by the wayside.

This monster should die.  Sending 11.2 million undocumented into 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship is outrageous.  Raping US taxpayers out of billions of tax dollars for a border security industry that does its immigration job about as well as Washington's 40+ year long US war on drugs has done its job - is criminal.

Our profitized system of illegal immigration is not broken;  it is running exactly the how the US and undocumenteds' home-country elite profiteers want it to run:  cheap labor, remittances, immigration prisons, record deportations, political promises, and billions of dollars basically being pumped into maintaining the immigration status quo-black hole.

Who are the actual victims of the US and undocumenteds' home country elites' profitized system of illegal immigration?

1.  The undocumented and their supporters?  Yes.
2.  Are US taxpayers and their supporters?  Yes.
3.  Are the good people, friends and family of the undocumenteds' home countries?  Yes.

Now - the most difficult question:  When considering immigration reform and activism, which of these three groups is the least thought or considered as victims of illegal immigration?

I say it is the American taxpayers.  

The major of  media coverage deals with the undocumented, their family separations, and their deportations.  Yet when is the last time you saw a news crew covering over-crowded hospital emergency or school rooms in California?  How about the millions of jobs lost by American workers to the undocumented?  How about the extremely uncomfortable, unwelcomed but real demographic changes and losses of property values to Americans in American towns all due to the influx of the undocumented? 

These too are the insidious results of America's profitized system of illegal immigration and these too should not be ignored.

Immigration activists:  Americans have suffered too.  And for any authentic discussions of illegal immigration and "reform" Americans must be considered and acknowledged as victims of this insidious system too.

We all need to get to the bottom of the truths about profitized illegal immigration.  Americans need to be educated as to who and what is actually to blame for the decades-long, failed immigration status quo. 

The undocumented, Latinos and their supporters need to acknowledge that the decisions made by the undocumented to break US immigration laws have negatively impacted the lives of millions of Americans too.   

Most Americans will understand the undocumenteds' decisions to break the law.  Most Americans would admit that if they were in the undocumenteds' shoes, they would most likely
make the same decisions.  

Most Americans will not put up with (and should not have to put up with) being treated disrespectfully by the undocumented.  Most Americans will not put up with being either ignored or not being taken into consideration when in comes to immigration reform discussions.

Most Americans will respond respectfully, compassionately and truthfully when they are treated in the same way.  I think most Americans will support sensible immigration changes if they are approached and included in a respectable way. 

All of the people named above are victims of those who promote and profit from illegal immigration.

Does this immoral, shameful system need to be exposed and revolutionized?  Yes. 

Yet it must be for the benefit of all victims concerned, not just the few.

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