Thursday, December 12, 2013

Their Comprehensive Immigration Reform S.744 Rewards Everyone Except The US Taxpayers Who Pay The Price

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Their Comprehensive Immigration Reform S.744 Rewards Everyone Except The US Taxpayers Who Pay The Price

It is obvious to me that all of the groups pushing for immigration reform have their own self-serving, reform motives.  I find those motives insidious in the sense that none of them pertain to the actual cause of the illegal immigration that spawns the need to reform.    

Because Washington's comprehensive immigration reform does not address or attempt fix the cause of illegal immigration (the undocumenteds' home-country poverty) the problem will again remain unfixed as it did with Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS.  US taxpayers will continue to suffer the costs and consequences of continued illegal immigration.   

What Comprehensive Immigration Reformists Want:

The majority of  Washington reform politicians want some of the Senate's initial S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act's $46,300,000,000 for their crony border security corporations.  Scroll down to the costs that are buried in Section 6.

The Mark Zuckerberg's of the crowd want more H-1b high tech visas to profit off of foreign laborers.

The Chamber of Commerce and AFL/CIO want to legalize undocumented laborers and bring in more undocumented dues payers.

The two main US political parties want to sway the Latino vote.

The 11.2 million undocumented want to become legal US residents or citizens.

The Mexican elite want to continue to have a safety value for their citizens and poor while keeping the billions in remittances flowing back home.

Of course reform propagandists will spin statistics to show how American will be financially better off by passing reform.

Nonsense!  Tell that to the long-time residents of San Jacinto, CA who for decades now have had to wait in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms to be treated.  Tell them how their kids and grand kids will no longer suffer inferior public education because over one half of all classes are filled with the kids of the non-English speaking undocumented.  Tell that to the US taxpayers who lose jobs because the undocumented work under the table or simply underbid them.  Tell them how reform will bring their property values up to what they would be without the unprecedented NAFTA influx of millions of undocumented to Southern California.  Tell them why they should believe that this reform is any different than the lies of Reagan's Amnesty or Clinton's NAFTA which both promised to end illegal immigration but actually quadrupled it.

Common sense dictates that the US cannot effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into our country.  If one adds to that the bi-national elite's use of the undocumented for cheap labor, remittances, political gain and the massive "border security" budget increases that accompany the eventual legalization of the US undocumented, the intent of their system of poverty/profit-driven illegal immigration and ensuing reforms become crystal clear.

Washington's system of profit driven illegal immigration and its ensuing profit-driven border security reform have become institutionalized as Washington uses undocumented laborers then passes all costs on to US tax payers.


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