Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Only Thing Illegal About Illegal Immigration Should Be The Insidious Poverty That Causes It

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The Only Thing Illegal About Illegal Immigration Should Be The Insidious Poverty That Causes It

My heart hurts.  I grieve for the people of Mexico, Latin America and the entire world who are immorally coerced into leaving their home lands in order to labor afar for survival.

I worked as a US Border Patrol Agent.  I have that visceral experience of arresting and deporting people the vast majority of who would not come here if they had any real chance at prosperity at home. 

There is a reason that the undocumented do not have prosperity and Washington plays a much bigger part in this nightmare than most of you know. 

How in anyone's God's name can we permit our governments to allow this to happen?

It is coming back to haunt Americans now.  The same greed that creates poverty in other lands is happening here.  What happened to Detroit?  Look what Clinton's NAFTA did and is doing here and in Mexico. 

The corporate elite who run our government export American jobs and import undocumented laborers who - to some degree - take good American jobs.  Said elite then turns around and attempts "immigration reform" that de facto institutionalizes their own, planned, despicable system of profitized labor-driven illegal immigration, profitized legalization of 11.2 million people, and $46,300,000,000 for their cronies' border security (militarization) industrial complex.

They rape the undocumented, they rape US taxpayers and then reform absolutely nothing that  addresses the poverty that is the root cause of illegal immigration.  They in affect ensure their decades-old, unconscionable, illegal immigration status quo.   

This inhumane, corrupt system is no different than their institutionalization of fighting military and drug wars for perpetual profit.

See how they rewarded ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader fellow?

Where is the outrage in America?  The good people of Mexico were and are outraged about this Calderon/Harvard atrocity.  How many of you do not even know about it?  How many of you care?  When will "We The People" see through their lies?  When will "We The People" we stop them?


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